DeltaV™ Navigation

Course Description

The course begins with the Graphical Hierarchy module, which explains the fundamentals of the graphical structure, before moving on to an in-depth look at Piping & Instrumentation Diagrams. The DeltaV™ Graphical Interface and Navigating the DeltaV™ Interface modules detail elements of the DeltaV™ interface and the navigation options 

Who Will Benefit

Control system operators, engineers, and technicians who work with DeltaV™ systems. This course benefits beginners in DeltaV™ who seek to understand how to navigate and operate the system effectively.

DeltaV™ is a mark of one of the Emerson family of companies.

Course Syllabus

1-course syllabus

DeltaV™ Navigation - Introduction

2-course syllabus

DCS Graphical Hierarchy

3-course syllabus

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams

4-course syllabus

DeltaV™ Graphical Interface

5-course syllabus

Navigating the DeltaV™ Interface

6-course syllabus

DeltaV™ Navigation - Summary and Assessment

Additional Information

4.6 Process and Equipment, Health, Safety, & Environment
Software Requirements
Supported Operating Systems: Microsoft 8 (or higher version)
Supported Mobile Operating Systems: iOS 11 (or higher version), Android 7.0 (or higher version)
Supported Desktop Browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari
Browser settings: JavaScript, Cookies, and Local Storage must be enabled + TLS Version 1.2
Average Completion Time 1h 15m
Time to Complete
90 days from first access
Competency Level(s) Beginner
Certificate of Completion

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